Wild Empire Coffee Co. is wild about three things: people, coffee & change. We want to be known for connecting people. We want to be known for our unique coffee blends. We want to be know for creating change, both local and global. We hope that you will join our vision by picking up some coffee and being part of the Wild Empire community. We are stoked you’re here!


  wild for people.

 wild for coffee.

   wild for change.


01.  Empower People.

W.E. is committed to selecting our beans from a company that implements the Volcafeway program. They provide business and agricultural education to each farmer, while ensuring fair pay for all parties involved. 


02.  Connect people.

W.E. is striving to use coffee as a vessel to create community. We are implementing events & humanitarian projects to band people together for a greater good and create new relationships despite our differences & backgrounds.


03.  Local & global change.

W.E. is stoked to be a people before profit company. Each month we will be offering a percentage of our profits to one local & one global humanitarian project. Wild Empire is ready to get out in the community and the wold, loving people and meeting the needs of those who are overlooked in society.

Hey! I'm Faith! I am so stoked to be pursuing the dream of having a coffee roasting business. Thank you for being a part of it and for all your support and love. Wild Empire has been a dream in the making since I was about five and has grown and been shaped ever since. I hope to see Wild Empire become a community of people on fire for seeing change in our local communities and around the globe. I am ready to meet all of you, hear your stories and find out what drives you. I love seeing people come together and use their gifting to do something bigger. Coffee is so much more than a beloved daily ritual. Let's see what it can do. 


with love,





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